About Thumb


Highlighting the association’s media role in serving the people of the Arab world, linking the association to society through various media channels, and making optimal use of these channels in spreading awareness, thought and scientific culture, in addition to working to form a supportive public opinion for the association’s role, goals and activities.

About Thumb


1- Drafting and preparing news and advertising and media materials for the association.
2- Providing the media with news and all informational materials about the association, its activities and work programs.
3- Contribute to the preparation of the necessary materials (brochures, and brochures) to spread awareness about the association and its goals, and increase communication and rapprochement between members of the association.
4- Follow up and publish the issuance of specialized periodicals in the sciences of mechanics and motor behavior.
5- Preparing and preparing for scientific forums, training courses, workshops and discussion panels, and following up on all their requirements and requirements.
6- Follow up and develop the association’s website.
7- Highlighting the association in Arab and international social events (International Mechanics Day), and various cultural activities.
8- Attention to highlighting the Arab Mechanics Day (February 16) and highlighting this occasion in the media to clarify the role and importance of the association.